Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production


The Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production, AZL, of the RWTH Aachen University was founded in 1912.

The founders are Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hopmann, head of the Institute of Plastic Processing, IKV, and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Brecher, ordinary Professor at the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production, WZL, of RWTH Aachen University as well as Director of the Department for Production Machines at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT. Since the beginning of 2015, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Reisgen, head of the Welding and Joining Institute, ISF, is also a professor of the AZL.

The aim of the Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production, AZL, is the transfer of lightweight construction with fibre-reinforced plastic materials to large-scale production by a close interdisciplinary co-operation between materials sciences and production technology for the implementation of process chains which are ready for large-scale series production. This is carried out in close co-operation with the existing lightweight-activities of the partner institutes of the RWTH Aachen University.




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