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Digital data is both a product and an object of research. Researchers have the responsibility to protect and secure this research data and to safeguard its accurate processing. The appropriate management of research data is of central importance for the attractiveness and competitiveness of a university.

For this reason, RWTH Aachen seeks to support its researchers in their research data management activities, based on binding standards and processes. The University offers advising and training sessions as well as infrastructural services in order to ensure efficient and legally informed reseach work.

What is Research Data Management?

Research Data Management is a form of project management and workflow control focusing on the handling of research data in science and academia. It is a uniform process that implements methods and processes to ensure the long-term re-usability of research data as well as to organize and control work processes as efficiently as possible. In order to document the methods and processes to be used, it is advisable to create a data management plan right at the beginning of a research project.

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