The Profile Areas

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RWTH is convinced that in order to solve today's complex and multi-faceted problems, universities have to develop appropriate, integrated approaches. The University's new Institutional Strategy is a major step towards realizing a comprehensive integration. One core element is the development and integration of Profile Areas, with the aim to further consolidate and enhance interdisciplinary collaboration.  


Brigitte Küppers


Brigitte Küppers

Project Manager Profile Areas


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The University has established eight Profile Areas:

Computational Science & Engineering

Energy, Chemical & Process Engineering

Information & Communication Technology

Materials Science & Engineering

Medical Science & Technology

Molecular Science & Engineering

Mobility & Transport Engineering

Production Engineering


The profile areas pool scientific expertise in the University’s key research areas, including mobility, health, energy, communication, and Industry 4.0, for example. Research in each profile area is coordinated by a steering committee and an elected spokesperson.

  • The spokesperson acts as the central contact for research that falls within the scope of the profile area. He or she also gets actively in touch with researchers that are experts for specific research questions.
  • The profile areas coordinate large-scale, cross-faculty research projects and thus facilitate intensive interdisciplinary research
  • Within the profile areas, research road maps are being developed, which help to identify relevant research topics early on.
  • The profile areas support the Rector’s Office in the identification of key topics for research and teaching
  New Profile Areas: Planned Development from 2010 to 2020 Planned Development of the University's Profile Areas, 2010-2020  

The overall goal ist efficiently and effectively to organize multi-disciplinary collaboration at RWTH Aachen, so as to implement the objectives and measures defined in the "Strategy 2020" and the Institutional Stratgy, "Meeting Global Challenges."

The success of the Profile Areas must be based on excellent fundamental research conducted at the level of the individual disciplines.

The success and significance of the Profile Areas are measured using performance indicators, such as publications, international recognition of research results, and external funding.


Short Introduction to the RWTH Aachen Profile Areas