Simulation of the Particel Melting Degree in air Plasma Spraying

Bristol / IOP Publ. (2017) [Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings]

14th High-Tech Plasma Processes Conference (HTPP 14) : 3 July 2016, München, Germany / HTTP14 was supported by the Linde Group, Soyer, ewm, ITIS ; the editors of the HTPP-2016 proceedings: Dr. Dirk Uhrlandt (head of the ISC), Prof. Philippe Teulet, Prof. Jochen Schein


Selected Authors

Bobzin, Kirsten
Mokrov, Oleg
Knoch, Martin
Lisnyi, Oleksii
Alkhasli, Ilkin

Other Authors

Öte, Mehmet
Reisgen, Uwe