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ISF Direkt 57

Influence of variations of the cathode propertieson the beam quality and the welding resultsin electron beam welding, Inductive post-weld heat treatment of wet underwater welded high-strength fine-grained structural steels

ISF Direkt 56 Laser beam submerged arc hybrid welding – the innovative method for welding thick plates, Improving the efficiency of submerged arc welding by plasma support
ISF Direkt 55 Single-sided resistance spot welding as a welding alternative for light steel structures in vehicles, Approaches towards emission minimisation in pulsed arc welding
ISF Direkt 54

Material combination of continuous fibre-reinforced plastics and metal with integrated sensor monitoring, Investigation of the load-carrying behaviour of filigree pin structures for steel-concrete composite construction

ISF Direkt 53

Laser beam welding of copper and copper alloys on plates with a thickness of more than 3 mm under reduced ambient pressure, Influence of the storage conditions of aluminium wire electrodes on the pore formation in gas metal arc welding

ISF Direkt 52